"When life hands you lemons,

open a lemonade factory."


Hi!  I'm Clare, New York-based lingerie designer turned couture mask maker during the pandemic.  Like countless others, I was laid off from work due to Covid-19.  Using 10+ years of bra fitting experience, I developed masks that are sleek, sexy, and perfectly contour one’s face- with no gaps!  The superior fit is what has customers returning back for multiple masks, some own a different Mask Mogul mask for every day of the week.  No pinching elastic or puffy, unflattering masks here, these masks are as functional as they are beautiful.  Our fun, designer inspired masks have achieved a cult like following, with "best mask look" contests on Instagram and the Masked Mavens club cheerfully posting mask selfies in an effort to make lemonade outta these lemons we've been handed.  

What started as cheeky, designer -inspired masks, like the “Covid Made Me Do It” mask have evolved into masks for a cause due to the current state of the nation’s unrest.  Mask Mogul made the “I Can’t Breathe” mask and a Black Lives Matter mask that went viral overnight.  This then lead to a request for pride masks for the month of June.  A portion of proceeds for all these masks are donated to charities to combat racial injustice & disadvantaged LGBTQ community.   While many businesses struggle during pandemic or post support just to be on trend, I'm here to tell you we’re here to give back to the community and looking damn good while doing it.

 Each mask is made by hand, and in USA - something Mask Mogul is proud to support.  Freelance seamstresses and couturiers previously laid off by Covid 19 are paid a fair wage and enjoy safe working conditions, some working from home.  We believe in creating affordable luxury products and bringing couture techniques back to USA- our bling artist Livia hand places each crystal on the diamond drip masks for hours on end to create one of a kind masks.  

In a time of divisive unrest and uncertainty, a community of fierce fashionistas and defenders of civil rights has popped up to support one another and charitable causes- all whilst wearing Mask Mogul masks. 


Meet our Team!

Clare, Owner

Livia, bling artist


Factory Team at The Fashion Poet -

Mangal, Aquimedes, & Ady




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